BlogPost 3 : Eric Hanberg

Last week, we had the pleasure of having Eric Hanberg present to our class "his journey to entrepreneurship". Eric Hanberg is a well known entrepreneur in the Tacoma area whose expertise range from media, entertainment and entrepreneurship. 

Some background about Eric is that he started his entrepreneurship career around 2005 in which he was the director of a non-profit. While at the non-profit, he observed that non profits had a big problem raising money for their non profit. So his first approach was to write different books about the challenges and some of the solutions he concluded effective in order to help them. The book ended up selling crazy and even scoring really high in Amazon. After the success he saw within the books, he realized that the need was bigger than he observed so he wrote two more book and even started a website to provide non profits with the advice that they need at any stage.

On the side, Eric love for theatre led him to found a company/project by th…

Blogpost 2 : Three business idea.

I am really excited to share my findings about the three ideas that I came up with :

The first idea that I am excited to continue to look at is an app that connects live tutors to any student at anytime. One of the problems that students face is let's say I get stuck on a problem at midnight then it is really hard to get help from tutors. But with this solution, seeing tutors that are live when I get stuck is a huge assets that any student is willing to pay for without any problem.

The second idea that I am excited to look at is a messaging application just as slack. But this slack solution is only open to college students that are currently enrolled in different colleges. The messaging app is divided into channels that are college classes. Within the channel, the students can give their opinion on the class or share the syllabus. The messaging app also has a crypto-currency side to it, in which when you share a syllabus or elements of the class, you actually get a crypto currency…

Blogpost 1 : Class Expectation

This summer, I was lucky to intern at a Venture Capitalist Group named Madonna Venture Group. Interning got me drawn to the idea of becoming an entrepreneur, it also got me interested in the idea of the intersection of technology and being an entrepreneur and lastly seeing all of the entrepreneurs that made a huge difference in the world through ideas got me questioning myself of why not me. All of these thoughts made me want to become an entrepreneur and that's why I decided to take the class to expand my knowledge in entrepreneurship. My expectation from this class is to expand my knowledge about entrepreneurship and learn from the different entrepreneurs that we invite to the classroom. I am also excited to connect up with same minded people that want to become entrepreneurs and eventually start up companies. I would also love to expand my network regarding the investors here in Tacoma. When we look at UW Tacoma and the Tacoma community, it doesn't seem like we have an entr…